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Eliminate those unsightly hoses on your high displacement motor. These units fit all top or head breathing motors. Reusable filter element allows for maximum breathing while trapping and holding excess oil mist. Easy to clean. Big Twin '93 and up, Sportster® '91 and up, Twin Cam '99 and up.

Radius Groove
EVO:                TB01
Twin Cam:     TB03

EVO:                TB10
Twin Cam:      TB11

Maltese Cross Design
EVO:                TB08
Twin Cam:      TB09

Compatible with all Wimmer Basic Builds

Billet Aluminum
CNC Machined
Show Chromed

Top Breather Kit
includes 2 breathers, banjos, washers, bolts, filter element, and sealing washers.

Radius Groove
EVO:              TB01-K
Twin Cam:    TB03-K
Maltese Cross
Evo:               TB08-K
Twin Cam:    TB09-K
Evo :              TB10-K
Twin Cam:    TB11-K

Old Style  US Patent 426,494
Top Breather
for Big Twin '93 and up, Sportster® Motorcycles '91 and up. Designed to be used in conjunction with Screaming Eagle™ Pt. #29310-93 breather kit or Chrome Specialties Pt. #040466. A twin breather use requires Chrome Specialties Pt. #040485.

Radius:       TB05
Smooth:      TB06
Square:       TB07

Cross-Over Manifold
Assembly includes one breather,
cross over manifold and bolts.

EVO:           TB05-CM-E
Sportster:     TB05-CM-S
Twin Cam:  TB05-CM-T





An alternative to the original canister style head breathers, the new IBS is a piece that sits between the bracket and intake. Unlike other's who claim to have internal breathing, our system re-circulates the oil mist back thru the system instead of dumping it out into your filter (on all in one systems) or your leg. Useful for heavy oil spewing situations.

The IBS is also the standard for the new Drive By Wire setups - but if you still like the look of the "old style canisters", mock ups can be adapted for your setup. Always call to see what is possible!


Bottom Breather
Billet aluminum, CNC machined, comes with show chrome finish. For use on bottom crank case vents. Mounts to transmission and uses standard 3/8" ID oil line.


Breathers with Puke Can
This show chromed Breather And Puke Can unit will solve the oily mess you get from motor breathing. Simply mount to front down tube of frame and run 3/8" hose to supplied fitting. Run from heads or crankcase or both. Oil disperses to canister in unit that can be drained when full by removing plug in bottom of unit. Filter is reusable. Add petcock for easier draining.

Frame Clamp
Specify Frame Size when ordering.

P Strap

BPC02 shown with frame clamp and optional petcock.



Replacement Parts & Accessories

Replaceable Filter Elements
   Top Breather                  W09-044
 Puke Can Breather        W09-043

Puke Can Petcock


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