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Motor Mount


Motor mount available for rigid mount Evolution® style motors. Features heavy duty 6061 Aluminum and CNC machined. Polished and then show chromed this unit is an absolute must for show bikes. A perfect match for our Dual Dyan™ coil bracket or key switch housing.

Dual Dyna™ Coil Bracket
Solid Face
With Ignition Hole

Using Dual Dyna™ Coils on your bike? This is the bracket you’ve been looking for. This unit mounts to most motor mounts or is a perfect match to our motor mount (EBMM). Available with an ignitions switch hole (bottom) for most aftermarket ignition keys or you can choose without (top).


Key Switch Housing

Looking for a trick way to mount your key switch? Our Key switch housing is just the answer. Made from 6061 aluminum this unit is stylish and also offers ample room to install key switch along with a starter switch or light switch. Mounts to most motor mounts or is a perfect fit to our motor mount (EBMM).

Transmission Trap Door

Billet Transmission 5 Speed Trap Door is made from 7075 Aluminum. Highest quality at very competitive price.

A must for high performance and show bikes.

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