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Compact aluminum unit supports bike on rubber under frame. The geared head motor and chain drive provide a quiet and continuous 1 RPM operation. All mechanisms are enclosed.
Unit operates on 115 volts.

Unit measures
14" x 14" x 13" height

Available with custom logo

Floor Boards
By PegBoards™

Reduce stress on your legs and back by choosing from two foot positions as you cruise along in comfort. PegBoards™ floor boards bolt directly to factory floorboard mounts in one of three positions. They are ideal for FL Models, Road Kings®, Fat Boys™ and Ultras™ and will accept most aftermarket and Harley-Davidson® clevis style (male mount) foot pegs.

PegBoards™ are solid billet aluminum, chrome finished, have a diamond patterned rubber cushion, and are sold in matching pairs for both right and left sides. Matching diamond pattern foot pegs or Harley-Davidson® foot pegs are available separately.

US Patent - US 6,719,316B1
US D483,699 S

Fully Adjustable

For PegBoard™ floor boards or any front peg (male mount) application. Feature recessed rubber cushion. Fully adjustable by removing end plug cap and loosen allenhead bolt to rotate the position of the rubber cushion. retighten and replace cap. Male mount is show chromed steel, for strength, while peg is show chromed billet aluminum.

Pegboards (Matching Pair)      PGFB
Adjustable Matching Pegs       CWP

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