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Maltese Cross Design Top Breather

Perfect addition to all Wimmer Intake Assemblies installed to Top Breathing Motors.

This new Maltese Cross Design is the hottest thing going.

Catalog # ...TB08


Top Breather

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Top Breather for Big Twin 93 and up, Sportster® motorcycle 91 and up. This billet aluminum unit features a replaceable filter element and eliminates unsightly hoses for high displacement motors, 2 units may be used.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Screaming Eagle™ Pt. #29310-93 breather kit or Chrome Specialties Pt. #040466.
A twin breather use requires Chrome Specialties Pt. #040485.

Catalog # ...TB02


Top Breather Kit

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These units work with all our High Performance Intake Systems.

Now One piece billet construction with new filter for even better performance. Fits all top or head breathing motors.

Air filter element allows for maximum breaching while trapping and holding excess oil mist.

All hardware is included.

Easy to install!

Catalog # ...TB02-K


Top Breather Cross Over Assembly Kit

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Assembly includes one breather, cross over manifold and bolts.

Specify Big Twin88™ engine or Sportster® motorcycle

Catalog # ...... TB05-CM

Please Specify
Polished or Chromed
Smooth, Square, or Radius Groove

Bottom Breather

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For use on bottom crank case vents.

Catalog # ......

Frame Mounted Breather And Puke Can

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This show chromed unit will solve the oily mess you get from motor breathing. Simply mount to front down tube of frame and run 3/8 hose to fitting supplied. Run from heads or crankcase or both. Oil disperses to canister in unit that can be drained when full by removing plug in bottom of unit. Filter is reusable.

Catalog # ...... BPC02


Please specify frame size.
Frame Mounted Breather and Puke Can

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P-Strap Unit!

We’ll solve the oily mess you get
from motor breathing. Oil disperses
into canister, remove plug
to drain.

Catalog # ...BPC03

Puke Can Petcock

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Shown here with optional chrome
petcock in place of pipe plug.
Makes draining excess oil easier!

Catalog # ... 7-326DC-4


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